Information to help start a transition to PBWF diet


There are billions more on the web but these are 2 of my favorites!!!


Plant based cooking classes here in Clear Lake, TX

Next class coming up:

Spring into Health Today!
Free Introductory Class

April 22, 2017

9:30 12:30 p.m.

Go to the website to register for the free class. It is hosted at Jean’s home in Nassau Bay. Once you register, you will get the address. 
I really recommend you go if you can. You will leave with a full tummy, see how easy it really is. Many people there are just like you, trying to find something new and not too sure what it is!!! But I guarantee good food!!!

Plant Based researchers/doctors with evidence to back it all up!

This website is both plant based science info and animal rights:
T Collin Campbell is one of the more well respected and establish experts on plant based diets.
Dr. Gregor’s website is all science based, peer review documented info on plant based diets that he presents in 3-5 min videos every single day.

Podcasts: I found them all on itunes

Easy Vegan with JL Field (she is a self-describe ethical vegan and doesn’t worry about the food!!)
Rich Roll- his podcasts are amazing and on all topics of health, vegan, plant based, animal rights, spirituality, vegan athletes
Main Street Vegan with Victoria Moran

Vegan and plant based community here in Clear Lake, TX

Get Health Clear Lake (also hosted by Jean of Wholstic Kitchens)
the next potluck should be around Apr. 27th.
A vegan group here in Houston
They meet monthly, pretty hard core ethical vegans. Nice people, I have gone once. 
There is a small satellite group of vegansocietyofpeace that meet in League City once a month.
I just found this meetup, I haven’t not been. 
Last but not least. I am working on making a blog myself. It is in the early stages but hopefully soon I will be updating it on a regular basis!!
There is TON on the website but thought I would give you a bit of a head start!!!

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